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About PICWIC: The Photography Society

Picwic, the Photography Society of Aryabhatta College, is devoted to promoting the art of photography as well as to educate, encourage and enhance the photographic knowledge, skills and taste among students by bringing together under the umbrella of Picwic those interested in photography and its diverse aspects.

Our Vision
We envisage a vibrant and enthusiastic community of artists where photographers with different backgrounds have the opportunity to form networks and communities. The vision is to create and contribute not only to fine arts but to educate and sensitize on pressing societal and environmental issues through the medium of photography.

Our Mission
1.To be a premier and socially conscious society in the University.
2.Provide a supportive environment for students interested in photography to share their creativity, knowledge and passion for photography.
3.Train students to have an artist’s taste for beauty and a poet’s expressions for emotions.
4.Encourage students to express their thoughts and emotions through art of photography.
5.To promote the development of photographic art and technique by providing opportunities to individuals.

Our Goals
The society has established broad, general goals in order to facilitate the achievement and realisation of its mission as outlined below. The Photography Society will annually establish specific operational objectives with respect to these goals.

Provide knowledge and excellence in skills by exposure to varied photographic conditions, situations and locations.
Host photography workshops/convention/talks that enhance the multi- disciplinary knowledge and skills in meeting the individual and community needs in the continuous growing challenge in modern world.

Provide activities that prepare students for future career opportunities and needs.
Promote public awareness through sensitization programmes vis-à-vis the medium of art of photography.

Encourage the culture of responsible and optimum use of all major equipment acquired by the University and Society and for their cost-effective maintenance.

Action Plan
With the above aims in view, the Society shall conduct activities along the following lines:
1.Provide discussion forums to exchange the ideas and information related to photography with the help of events such as workshops, exhibitions and photography tours.
2.Conduct photography competitions to encourage the development of production and presentation skills.
3.To help imbibe photographic skills among the club members and to empower them to become young Short film makers.
4.To discover, develop, edit, deploy and express their creativity in capturing photo and video.
5.To train the students in using Graphics and editing tools and software in order to make them technically competent in the photography world.
6.Organize workshops/events for the society members.
7.Organize sessions on introduction to photography, basic concepts of photography, basics of lighting, different forms, functions and importance of Lighting, semiotics and analyzing visuals and the concepts of photography in different forms.
8.Society members will be given first preference to shoot for the college events and activities.