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About Gender Sensitisation Committee

Gender Sensitisation Committee Aryabhatta College has a Gender Sensitisation Committee since 2014-15. The committee consists of teachers from different disciplines and works in close association with students, different societies and cells of the college to promote gender equity among students, faculty and staff. The committee organizes awareness programmes to sensitise all the stakeholders on the need for practising acceptance, validation and participation of all genders in social, cultural, academic domains of our institution. The committee collaborates with NGOs, experts from Gender Studies, writers, artists and our alumni to organize workshops, Talks and awareness drives to promote, sensitise and ensure gender equity. It works towards disseminating equal opportunities for all genders and cultivate an inclusive campus.

Following faculty members remain accessible to students during and beyond college hours:
Dr. B. Mangalam (Convenor)
Dr. Deepika Goel
Dr. Namita Singh
Dr. Neetu Jai Singhani
Dr. Sangeeta Kumari
Dr. Rashmi Rai