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About Vanijya (Commerce)

Vanijya - The Commerce Society is a student-driven departmental society thatrepresents the Commerce Department at Aryabhatta College, University of Delhi.The term “Vanijya” literally translates to commerce and the society constantlystrives to develop an atmosphere where each member is well-versed with thehappenings and developments in the commerce world.

Vanijya is a team of 50+ ambitious andcommitted individuals who focus on developing awareness towards commerce andachieving mutual growth. The society provides its members with the platform todevelop their multi-hued skills that enable personal and professionaldevelopment. Vanijya hosts EMBLAZORS- an annual fest where we host numerousinteresting commerce-themed games that help participants test their knowledgeand skills, and celebrate the world of commerce. Vanijya also curates socialmedia posts and organises multiple events such as competitions, webinars,contests, speaker sessions, etc., through the year imparting knowledge amongstudents.

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